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Important GK Tricks for government exams Upsc,Upsssc,Uppcs

Important GK Trick....✍ for government exams like UPSC,UPPCS,UPSSSC,AFCAT, CDSE  and many more  विभिन्न राज्यो के प्रमुख लोक् नृत्य याद करने की ट्रिक • करेले कि कथा = केरल = कथकली • पंजे में भांग डालो = पंजाब = भांगड़ा • राजा तुम घुमो = राजस्थान = घूमर • असम कि बहु = असम = बिहू  • अरुण क मुखोटा = अरुणाचल = मुखोटा • गुज़र गई गरीबी = गुजरात   झाड़ू में छाऊ = झारखण्ड = छऊ • U K में गडा = उत्तराखंड = गढ़वाली • अंधेरे मे कच्ची पूरी खाई खाई = आंधरा = कचिपTri छतरी मे गाड़ी = छत्तीसगढ़ = गाडी • हिम्मत कि धमाल = हिमाचल = धमाल • गोवा कि मंडी = गोवा = मंडी • बंगले कि काठी = पशिम बंगाल = काठी • मेघ लाओ = मेघालय = लावणी • नाग कि चोच = नागालैंड = चोंग • उड़ी उड़ीं बबा = उड़ीसा = ओड़िसी • कान( कर्ण) में करो यक्ष ज्ञान = कर्नाटक = यक्ष ज्ञान • जम्मुरा = जम्मू कश्मीर = राउफ • तुम मिले भरत = तमिलनाडु = भरतनाट्यम • उत्तर की रास = उत्तर प्रदेश = रासलीला       🔴GK Trick : सभा के प्रमुख सदस्य TRICK Trick –– "राधा के श्याम आ-ज गोकुल के सरदार हैं" 1. राधा –— राधाकृषन 2. के. –— के.एम.मुंशी 3. श

It’s A Bad Day, Not A Bad Life

A bad day doesn't define your and downs are the part of unpredictable life . Sometimes , time flies and sometimes it crawl like snail. One bad incident doesn't define  who you are , what you can do . In life you will face rejections , failures, stress , and hard times but you have to be strong. You have to  stand back and fight.  Sometimes , people use you and throw you like old piece of cloths from their life. But , you don't have to be upset. You have to learn and receive  the positive aspects  it will works as fuel for your successful journey. You have to believe in yourself and omnipresent god, and keeping it in mind that one day life will follow smooth track. You have to remain dedicated towards your ultimate goal , that will keep all the happiness into your single pocket. Despite of many destruction , life shacking moments . you have to stand still like a mountain against storm. Winning against struggle, unpredictable situations provides immeasurable joy.y

Letter To My Future Soulmate

Letter to my future soulmate  Hey, I hope you and your family is safe and happy during this pandemic time and you must be busy with your own stuff as I too, I wish you and me were at same place during this bounded phase of our life unfortunately we haven't met yet.I have been waiting for you since 20 years,Earlier i was desperate to find you in every single girl i met but now i am tired of finding you in this crowd.Sometimes I thought is there someone for me too? Someone who can love me and  call me soulmate. I am writing this for you,may be somewhere you too desperately seeking me,may be sitting in one corner  you too reading this. So,If you are the one to whom i can call my soulmate than there are few things i want you to know about me. I am a man with big dreams with potential of achieving them and I want you to support me and I too want you to have your own dreams and passion to follow. I want you to be crazy as i am, Who can chase the wind on solo trips. As I am a romantic g

Israel-Palestine conflict : All you need to know about

Israel-Palestine conflict and it's history in news To understand about the conflict between Israel and Palestine one should know about its location in world map and historical background which caused such a violence . Location of Israel On World M a p   Israel with total area of 20770-22072  km² found at the crossing junction of Europe, Asia  and Africa. It lie in the Asian continent with Jerusalem as its capital and largest city. Israel consist of mainly Jewish and Arab with 74.2% and 20.9% ethnic group respectively. Historical Background The conflict has been on going for more than a 100 years between Jews and Arabs over a piece of land  on the top of hill in Jerusalem, Jews claimed Palestine to be their natural home while the Arabs too did not leave the land.  History of the Israel-Palestine conflict   This conflict began in 1948 with establishment of the state of Israel. After World War 1 Palestine area was covered by a Jewish minority and Arab majority. But tension between Ar

Why BJP can’t afford to take its middle class votebank for granted

 BJP can’t afford to take its middle class votebank for granted PM Narendra Modi Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) led by the Narendra Modi, attract every section of the nation except middle class votebank ,Because Modi government assumes they will anyway vote for BJP in name of nationalism and religious agenda. BJP the two times consecutive winning party now tend towards downfall as people from middle class votebank have understood their trick which control their mindset. Only middle class seems to left out as they see no benefit and positive progress. A report of section wise voting suggest that BJP can't afford to take support of the middle class  votebank for granted as during their initial stage they got support from middle class but now supports seems to decline. Modi government is robbing the middle class votebank to pay the poor section of the society. During lockdown from March 2020  to July 2020 they spent a lot of budget share on poor section of the country, from where it

Missing College Days -Apna SBSSTC

MAIN ROAD SBSSTC MAIN GATE SBSSTC COMPLEX AREA SBSSTC Shaheed Bhagat Singh State Technical Campus- Missing Hostel Life Meri Degree Bhi Lai Lo, Te Meri Naukri Bhi Lai Lo, Chahe Lai Lo Mera Canada Da Visa, Par Menu Wapis Kardo College Di Canteen, Oh Chah Da Cup Te Samosa, Oh Tikhi Dhup Vich Ghar To Nikalna, Projects De Chakran Ch Shehar Vich Bhatakna, Oh Class Room Vich Table'an Te Char Bhangra Pauna, Oh Cute Jehi Madam Nu Satauna, Aeroplane Bna Bna Ke Udauna, Oh Project Submission Diyan Raatan Nu Jagna Te Jagauna, Bimar Bahut Hoye Paye Aan, Keh Ke Time Wadauna, Oh Dujeyan Diyan Assignments Nu Apna Banauna, Oh Seminar Wale Din Body Da Vibration Te Lag Jana, Oh Workshop Ch Din Raat Paseena Bahauna, Exam De Din Bechain Jeha Mahol, Par Oh Maa Da Yakeen Te Teacher Da Bharosa, Oh Garmian Ch Rukhan Thalle Baith Gappan Ladauna, Oh Raatan Nu Jaag Jaag Drawing Sheets Banauna, Oh Exam De Akhri Din Party Wala Mahol Banauna, Oh Bhole Jehe Freshers Nu Hamesha Hi Satauna Without Re